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Getting Started


Welcome to the St. Jude Cloud documentation! Here, you'll find the authoritative information for accessing data, running analysis tools, and exploring results files in St. Jude Cloud. For a brief overview of everything St. Jude Cloud provides, we recommend that you visit the video on our home page.


Throughout the site, you might see some "Todo" notices. These are notes to ourself about pieces of the documentation that are not complete yet. Please bear with us as we fill in these gaps!


You can leverage many different capabilities of St. Jude Cloud in your research, such as:

  • Explore datasets by diagnosis, publication, or curated dataset.
  • Run your tools on our data by requesting data in a secure cloud environment (requesting our data and packaging your tools).
  • Run our validated end-to-end workflows on your data (example). All of the workflows we offer are under "Tool Guides" to the left of this text.
  • Explore St. Jude data that we have packaged for the community in our visualizations.
    • Look at Pecan for pediatric cancer data.

Contact Us

Any questions, comments, or concerns can be directed to our "Contact Us" form.